“Thanks to Caaw for opening the proceedings with their perfectly twisted songbook…”

Mudlow at What’s Cookin’, Leytonstone

A Brighton based band with “a sound that might have come about if New York No Wave had spent a lost weekend in New Orleans. Add to that hints of dive bar jazz, delta blues, East European folk and the dark lure of cabaret, and you have the seductive circus fanfare that is Caaw”

The seeds of Caaw were first sown in the early days of 2015, when guitarist/singer Matt started writing and recording in his home studio, using loops and samples with old hill country blues riffs…

This made for some interesting results, but it wasn’t really getting the sound…

And so, almost a year later, Caaw was born. The aim? To create that sleazy, dive bar jazz feel… a mix of Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, New Orleans jazz and downtown New York, 1979…

…you get the idea. We’ve got around 120 years of collective musical influences going on… That’s likely to produce some interesting results!

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“Every now and again a band comes around that’s impossible to describe… Caaw are that band!”

Mike Cuig – Off The Record Independent Music Festival

“If there is any band at the moment who channel the spirit of both Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart, I can think of none who do it better than this lot…”

Dan Whaley, Out Of Limits Radio

“This hotchpotch of musical styles, ideas and a wilful attitude to experimentation is what gives Caaw their true shine, this unique attribute is undoubtedly their ticket to success.”

Regan Rawlins, SouthWaves Audio