“In a climate where women in alternative music seem to have taken a step back, content to mope about prettily with their good haircuts and ever-broken hearts, it’s warming to find someone continuing to walk the road paved by strong female pop acts like PJ Harvey, Bjork, and countless other 90′s pioneers.”

Wesley Freeman-Smith, Slate the Disco

MAW, formerly known as Mouth, are an art punk/experimental pop project, in love with odd, enchanting, ecstatic, deranged, staggering, ferocious… and very nice tunes.

Born 2013 in Cambridge, UK, the songs address topics such as…

bad scenes, twisted commodities, sleazy magazines, sugar-coated concrete, unclean confectionary, completely useless pieces of art, a polite, harmless yet invincible monster with hard-left political views, being comfortable but wanting to be really, REALLY nervous, the place where highest bliss and utter horror meet, “sex…but really angry sex” (quote from a bandmate)… and, God forbid…… love.

…often heavily inspired by front woman Tree’s gap year in England that lasted 6 1/2 years.

In 2017, Tree and some of these songs fled the Brexit madness. They are now all growing and thriving in Leipzig, Germany – alongside curious new ideas – in the company of new, talented and wonderful allies, Aaron (dr), and Matteo (b).

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“A versatile musical intelligence and dynamic presence, meriting a place in a post-Talking-Heads art-rock lineage.”

Rychard Carrington, Local Secrets